About Us


IMG_1283_1.JPGMGL MACHINE LTD. was opened in June 2001 with one employee with the first projects in Indonesia and Kansas. Soon after MGL MACHINE LTD. grew and now have 13 employees and leasing 15,000 sq ft of industrial space. We have 100 ton and 60 ton overhead cranes with 50ft under the hook. The success of our focuses has proven to our shareholders that investment, growth and expansion is necessary. We are expanding all departments of our company on a regular basis such as our machine shop with a floor bore milling machine, surface grinder and large lathe, our fitting department is continually expanding with new equipment and tools. We currently have 3 employees apprenticing as industrial millwrights. The future of MGL MACHINE LTD. is in the youth. We understand this by investing in our employees with training.

Our management/shareholders have over 20 years each as well as most employees in the press industry from new press manufacturing to press rebuild and service. This includes such fields as engineering, machining, fitting and electrical.

Our past experiences are local and global such as:

  1. Engineering new and rebuilt presses
  2. Modify press specification to improve production
  3. Building of close to 100 new presses for CCI and PTC
  4. Custom machining of any parts
  5. Install new and rebuilt presses throughout Canada, United States and Mexico
  6. Moving 20 presses from Russia to Canada
  7. Moving 7 presses from Russia to Mexico. Managing a full mechanical and electrical rebuild in Mexico
  8. Rebuilding and commissioning 4 presses shipped to Thailand
  9. Manage 3 large press installation in Toronto
  10. Training maintenance and production staff in Canada, Mexico and Hungary
  11. Dismantle, pack and ship 5 presses from Indonesia to Canada
  12. Managing install of large hydraulic press in Kansas
  13. Rebuild of large press line for company in Aurora, Ontario
  14. Large press repairs in St. Thomas and Aurora Ontario
  15. And many more